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At Online Tutors UK, we provide comprehensive and tailored support for entrance exams, including the 11+ and 13+ exams, crucial for secondary school admissions.

The British entrance exams for secondary school at 11+ and 13+ are standardized tests used by UK independent and grammar schools to assess students’ suitability for admission. The 11+ exams, typically taken in Year 6, focus on subjects like English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The 13+ exams, taken in Year 8, are usually more comprehensive, often including a wider range of subjects like Science and Humanities, in addition to those covered in the 11+. These exams test students’ academic abilities and are crucial for admission into many prestigious secondary schools.

Learning in these subjects involves:

  • English: Focuses on reading, writing, comprehension, and grammar. Students analyze texts, learn to write in various styles, and develop their vocabulary and understanding of grammar.
  • Maths: Covers topics like arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and problem-solving. Students learn to apply mathematical concepts and techniques to solve a range of problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Involves understanding and reasoning using words and language. It includes exercises like solving word problems, analogies, and completing sentences or texts.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: Tests the ability to understand and analyze visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning. It includes questions on patterns, sequences, and shapes.
  • Science: Covers fundamental concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics. Students learn about the natural world, scientific principles, and conduct experiments.
  • Humanities: Encompasses subjects like history, geography, and social studies. It involves studying human societies, cultures, and historical events, as well as physical and human geography.

Our tutors, with a proven track record, create personalised learning plans focusing on key skills and confidence building, ensuring your child is well-prepared for these exams. We offer guidance in critical areas like essay writing, and our tutors excel in explaining complex concepts in an understandable manner. This support provides a strong foundation for students as they transition into secondary education, equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence for success.

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Our trial lesson is a fantastic way to discover the educational power of online tutoring and decide if it is right for you. We want you to meet your tutor and together build the program that works for you, with no obligation.

As standard, our lessons are in one-hour blocks, however, we recognize the importance of keeping children engaged throughout the lessons. Therefore, for younger learners, we have the flexibility to tailor our lesson plans into shorter blocks that are appropriate for their age and concentration levels.

Yes, parents are welcome to participate in their student's lessons as they offer a sense of companionship and security for the younger learner. For Key Stage 1 and 2 students especially, being able to have a parent present during the lesson increases their comfort level, allowing them to relax and pay more attention to the material being taught. Having an adult presence also encourages children to ask questions or make comments without fear of judgement or embarrassment. In addition, parents can provide helpful feedback regarding the child’s progress which ensures that the lesson remains tailored and appropriate for their development.

Primarily our lessons are on a one-to-one basis, we tailor each lesson to fit the individual students' needs. However, if you would like to enquire about a group booking please do contact us so we can discuss with you your requirements.

Our lessons are run on the Zoom platform, so you will need:

  • A device that is connected to the internet - smart phone, PC, laptop, or tablet
  • Create a free Zoom account (you can create an account here)
  • Install the Zoom App (From Apple App Store, Google Play Store)

Your tutor will send a link to you. This link will give you access to the lesson.
They will also send you a Meeting ID and Password
A few minutes before the meeting is due to start click on the link and select join the meeting, enter the Meeting ID and Password.
Click that you want to join with Video and with Audio and your lesson can begin!

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